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Microsoft’s big plan, passwords will end by 2021

We use passwords to log in from social media accounts to devices, but the work of these passwords is about to end.

Microsoft has told in its new blog that the company is about to change the way to unlock laptops and phones and from 2021 we will step into the password-less future.

The advantage of logging in without a password and unlocking the system will be that the risk of cyber-attacks will be reduced.

That’s why the company wants to end the password
What did Microsoft say?
How will users be able to login?
Biometric authentication instead of password
“Key” of account

That’s why the company wants to end the password
Microsoft wrote in its blog that about 80 percent of cyber-attacks occur to victimize users with weak passwords. Also, around 250 corporate accounts are hacked every day. This is the reason why the company wants to eliminate the need for passwords.

Microsoft has been working on the password-less future for a long time and in September this year brought the password-less wizard to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

What did Microsoft say?
The company blog post reads, ‘In November 2019 Microsoft Ignite we said that about 100 million people are using our password-less sign-in. In May 2020, the figure reached 150 million people.

Microsoft says that accounts using biometrics to work accounts have doubled.

The company will meet the password-less target in 2021 and all Microsoft customers will be able to access accounts without a password this year.

How will users be able to login?
The company has said that in addition to the new UX and APIs associated with the FIDO2 security-key, custom solutions and tools are being brought for customers, with the help of which they will be able to log into the account.

The company is also going to bring a converged registration portal in 2021, with the help of which users will be able to manage their password-less log-in details in the ‘My Apps’ portal.

Without a password, it can be easily logged in with fingerprint authentication or security key.

Apart from Microsoft, Apple is also working on this feature, where no password is required for login and payment.

The iPhone company has been emphasizing Touch ID in its devices and is now offering Face ID option.

Apple is also offering the option of logging in with Face ID in laptops and iMac.

Any such method is more secure than password, which is directly connected to the users.

Microsoft’s big plan, passwords will end by 2021


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