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Mitra Saptami vrat Puja

The festival of Mitra Saptami is celebrated on the seventh day of Margashirsha Shukla Paksha. Mitra Saptami Puja Mitra Saptami fast is the festival of worship of Lord Surya. The worship of Lord Surya has special significance in this festival.

The worship of Lord Surya is worshiped on Mitra Saptami Vrat, on this day, the Vrati worships Lord Aditya after completing all his works and is given the water. Worshiping the Sun God. Pooja includes fruits, different types of dishes and sweets. A

fter fasting on Saptami, observe fast on the eighth day while consuming sweets. By observing this fast one gets health and age. On this day, the rays of the sun must be accepted. The rays of the sun must be seen at the time of worship and inaction.

On the day of Mitra Saptami, items of worship are prepared in which all kinds of fruits, milk, saffron, kumkum, almond etc. are kept. This fast has been of great importance. By doing this, there is an increase of money grain in the house and happiness and prosperity in the family.

By observing this fast, you get rid of skin and eye diseases. According to Skandpuran, worshiping two Shivalingas called Mitravarun in Kashi gives the friend and Varunalok.

The seventh place of the horoscope is seen to see friendship. If the seventh place is contaminated, then the friend should be worshiped on the seventh day, besides chanting the mantra of Venus, the lord of the seventh place, donating white things and donating havan material.


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