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Aliens on Earth: Are restless aliens coming to Earth? Radio signals sent to scientists are

New Delhi. Does Aliens exist in the world? Do aliens live on other planets? Everyone wants to know the answers to such questions, from scientists to ordinary people. Scientists have been receiving messages from aliens for the last several days. This proves that there is life on any planet other than Earth. Their messages have raised a new question whether the aliens want to come to Earth (Aliens On Earth)?

Signals coming from 51 light years away

Now an international team of scientists has received Radio Signal from the far side of a planet. This planet is present in the system of stars called Tau Boots. It is 51 light years away from the planet. The system consists of a binary star and an exoplanet.

Research has come on this

Jake Turner is leading this team of scientists. Jake Turner is a postdoctoral Researcher in Cornell University at Cornell University. His team consists of Philippe Jarka and Jean Matthias Grismeier. His research on aliens has been published in the scientific journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Jake Turner stated that scientists are receiving these signals from the Tau Bootes System. These radio signals are received due to the strength and polarization of the planet’s magnetic field.

The secret of the world of aliens will open

Scientist Jake Turner has told that many things have been revealed in his study about the world of aliens. Through this, the possibility of studying the world of aliens increases.


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