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Home special article Learn what section 144 is and why it is enforced (dhara 144)

Learn what section 144 is and why it is enforced (dhara 144)

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The main purpose of section 144 is to prevent many people from gathering in one place. The government enforces this clause when there is a danger of gathering people. Read what is the answer to section 144 and important questions related to it.

What is Section -144 and when is it imposed?

Section 144 of CrPC is imposed to maintain peace or to avoid any emergency. There is a possibility of any safety, health related danger or riots. Section -144 where five or more men cannot gather together in the area where it appears. A notification is issued by the District Collector of the area to implement the clause. Internet services can also be stalled with common access after Section 144 is implemented. After the implementation of this clause, there is a ban on the carrying of weapons in that area.

How long can section-144 take?

Section-144 cannot be imposed for more than 2 months. Its duration can be extended if the state government feels that it is needed to avoid human life threat or to avoid any riots. But even in this situation, it cannot be imposed for more than six months from the starting date of imposing Section-144.

Provision of punishment

A case can be registered against any person who has been illegally deposited for involvement in the riots. This can carry a maximum sentence of three years of imprisonment.

Difference between Section-144 and curfew

Keep in mind that section 144 and curfew are not a thing. Curfew is imposed in very poor condition. In that case people are instructed to stay inside their homes for a particular time or period. Market, school, college period are ordered to be closed. Only essential services are allowed to continue. During this time, traffic is also completely banned.

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