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Why is it important to have celery in your kitchen during the winter season, we are telling you 5 reasons for this (Health)

Celery is a quick treatment for many problems, from period cramps to indigestion. But in winter, the need for celery increases. Let’s know why-

Our kitchen is equipped with solutions to our every problem. Whatever is the problem, there is definitely a solution in the kitchen. That is, our kitchen is a store of superfoods. After knowing the properties of turmeric, baking soda, fennel, fenugreek, today we are going to talk about celery.(health)

Celery, also known as carom seeds in English, is used as a spice in food. Parantha or puri is made by adding celery, celery is also used in many vegetables. Although celery treats digestive disorders, it has other benefits that make it a superfood.

  1. gives relief from stomach diseases
    Celery is a panacea for many stomach ailments. Consuming it provides relief in all the problems like stomach ache, gas, vomiting, sour belching and acidity. Celery is rich in fiber and is rich in laxative properties.

If you have indigestion, gas, constipation or stomach pain, then we tell you the very effective use of celery. Make a powder by grinding celery, black salt and dried ginger. The problem of sour belching and gas is overcome by taking this powder after eating food.
Chew celery when stomach is upset. Not only this, there is nothing better than celery if you want to correct the designation.

2. celery also reduces weight
Celery is also very helpful in weight loss. Drinking celery water increases the metabolism of the body, which causes fat to decrease. Soak celery in a glass of water overnight. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning. If you want, you can add honey to it and drink it; drinking it quickly helps. You can also boil celery in water and drink it.

3.Celery is a treatment for arthritis
Arthritis or arthritis is a block of bones in which there is swelling and pain in the joints. Today, arthritis also relaxes because it has anti inflammatory properties.

Knees are also made by making a bundle of celery powder, this benefits in pain. Apart from this, drinking half a cup of celery juice mixed with dry ginger also provides relief in arthritis.

4.Relieves period pain
Many women have severe pain in their waist and abdomen during periods. In such a situation, taking celery with lukewarm water provides relief in this pain. Yes, keep in mind that celery is hot and avoid using it if the blood flow is high.

5.Relieves swelling of gums
Celery can give you relief if your gums are swollen. Research from the University of North California has proved that quenching a few drops of celery oil in lukewarm water provides relief from gingivitis.

Apart from this, roasting celery and brushing it with powder provides relief in pain and swelling of the gums. The anti inflammatory property of celery is also responsible for this.

So now you know what you need to get relief from any kind of pain. You can try these tips and share your experience with us. more information news site


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