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Here 75 thousand people eat free food every day

Amritsar, Langar are the hallmarks of Punjab and Punjabiyat. Be it a devotee coming to the world famous Golden Temple in Amritsar or a tourist, the Sri Guru Ramdas Ji Langar Bhavan is not left untouched. In other words, there is no starving thirst in this city, settled by Shri Guru Ramdas Ji. That is why Amritsar is called ‘Sifti da Ghar’. Anchor keeps on going somewhere during the day here.

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In the Gurdwara Sahib, pure, vegetarian food distributed free of cost is called ‘Langar’. This langar is open to people of all religions, castes and religions at all times without discrimination. In the Sikh scripture, the word ‘langar’ has been taken from a formless point of view, but ‘kitchen’ is generally called langar. In this saroi, people of every section, high and low, caste, religion, rich and poor can sit together and erase their hunger and thirst.

According to the formless approach, any living soul or man can eradicate the hunger of knowledge of his soul, to understand his soul and to understand the rule, by coming to the Guru’s house by listening to / understanding the ideology of Gurmat from any Gurmukh.

Shri Gurunanak Dev ji started the practice of langar

Here 75 thousand people eat free food every day

It is believed that the langar system was started by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs in the 15th century. He had given a Sikh to the entire humanity – “Kirt ko, Wand Chhako”, that is, earn by working hard and eating together. This learning of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is still the basis of practical life of the people here. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji along with his disciples Bala and Mardana used to eat with the devotees wherever they went, rising above the low and low caste and sitting on the ground. This langar tradition of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was carried forward by the third Guru of Sikhs, Shri Amardas Ji.

People of all religions caste together and meet on land

Here 75 thousand people eat free food every day

People of different castes and religions, big and small, sit at one place and eat (eat) the langar. This promotes social harmony. And this message goes, every person is a child of God. There is no small or big, high-low. Punjab is the only state in the world, where the practice of langar is practiced. The people of Punjab are living in any country of the world, they are keeping the langar system alive.

Women have a special role in preparing the anchor

The role of women is important in preparing the anchor. The method of preparing it is very simple and pure and pure. Wherever the anchor is to be placed, a temporary stove is made and an earthen coating is applied around it. The dough is kneaded in large quantities. Which women do together.

Cow dung, wood, etc. are used for burning. All the recipes and expenses of langar cooking are collective. In this langar, many kinds of dishes ranging from tea-dumplings and roti-dal are prepared and people are served free food. Pure and vegetarian food is prepared at Langar.

Anchor is the basis of life of Punjabis

Here 75 thousand people eat free food every day

In Punjab and Punjabis, besides langar khushi and gum, teej-festivals, fairs, manglic works and Katha-kirtan are also put on. People gladly cooperate in this work. Presently, modern technology is also being used to prepare anchors.

Bread making, dough kneading and utensil cleaning machines play a special role. Not only this, the langar system practiced by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji is a strong foundation of unity and common brotherhood in Sikhism.

The world’s largest kitchen is in Golden Temple

Shri Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar which is known as Darbar Sahib or Golden Temple. In the kitchen built in a part of this temple complex, 70 thousand to one lakh people eat free food every day.

This place is called Sri Guru Ramdas Ji Langar Hall. This figure increases on the days of summer holidays and festive festivals. It produces 12 thousand kg of flour, 13 thousand kg of pulses, 1500 kg of rice and 2000 kg of vegetables daily. Two lakh rotis are made daily for the Sangat coming in Sri Harimandir Sahib. The roti making machine installed in this langar hall makes 25 thousand rotis in an hour.

Kheer is made from five thousand liters of milk

Here 75 thousand people eat free food every day

According to the manager of Shri Guru Ramdas Ji Langar Hall, it is already decided what will be cooked in the food. Here, five thousand liters of milk, one thousand kilos of sugar and five hundred kilos of ghee are used to make kheer. It takes more than a hundred LPG cylinders, five thousand kilos of wood per day to prepare the anchor.
Hundreds serve in addition to 450 staff to prepare the anchors. An equal amount of bitter gourd is used to make 11 big tava, pulses and vegetables for baking rotis. Seven quintals of dal can be made in these kadas at once.

Five thousand people sit together and eat food

Here 75 thousand people eat free food every day

In this huge langar hall of Darbar Sahib, more than five thousand people sit together and eat food. In this Langar Bhavan, 24-hour Guru’s Prasad is made for the Sangat. The king or fakir who comes here is served by sitting on the ground together. After the meal, as soon as the wake of the panat, the anchor hall is cleaned by a battery powered machine and the sangat is immediately seated for food. Here, three hundred thousand volunteers wash the vessels of thousands of people who anchor. These utensils are washed three to five times for hygiene maintenance.

Millions of Sikh families settled around the world send medicines

According to SGPC officials, millions of Sikh families settled around the world send a tenth of their earnings to the gurudwaras in order to make langar food daily in such a large kitchen. With this money, the management of the gurudwara costs the langar. The quality of each item used here is tested. Only after this, Sangat is served. The tradition of langar is maintained in all gurdwara sahibs built in the country and the world.

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