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Protects against diseases

During the Corona period, many types of ubiquity buster have been introduced in the market which increase the immunity of people. These range from Ayurveda and Homeopath to Allopath.

Uminity means immunity. If your body has high immunity then it also protects you from many dangerous diseases. For example, from a deadly and contagious disease like corona or covid 19. But if your immunity decreases, it directly affects your health. In such a situation many kinds of diseases can surround you. Therefore, it is important that you increase your immunity. In this regard, Prof. AK Srivastava of Lakshmi Narayan Ayurvedic College is giving some tips to increase umenity-

  • Sleep: To increase immunity, adequate sleep is necessary. Lack of sleep makes your brain and body unnecessarily tired. This also reduces your immunity. That is why it is necessary to have eight hours of sleep every day which helps in keeping you healthy and happy.
  • Exercise: Sleep early at night and wake up in Brahmamuhurt in the morning. Take a walk and exercise after routine. It is also helpful in increasing your immunity.
  • Sunlight is important: After exercise, sun bath is necessary for some time. It fulfills vitamin D deficiency in you. If you protect your skin from the sun, there may be a lack of vitamin D in the body. So make a rule to get enough sunlight.
  • Antibiotics: Inadequate use of antibiotics on a timely basis can reduce disease resistance. Consuming antibiotics without need is the habit of many people. But, they remain unaware of this, due to needless consumption, their immunity can be reduced.
  • Drugs: Whenever you feel viral or body aches pain, take Ayurvedic or home medicines. Which help in increasing your immunity.
  • Sugars: Excess intake of sugary foods like soda, energy drinks, juices and other substances also affect your health. In such a situation, you should stay away from such substances.
  • Zinc: Consuming sufficient amounts of zinc is also a good option to increase resistance. Therefore, instead of eating zinc tablets separately, eat such foods from which you get natural natural zinc.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Eat green leafy vegetables or lettuce more and more. The enzymes derived from these provide all kinds of nutrition to the body by increasing the immunity of humans. With this, you can avoid many types of diseases.


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