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There was a clay soil, the vomit broke out…

Sukhbir “Motu”: Saini sir, I do not question any of Dharmendra Kanwari’s work, I have always appreciated him and will continue to do it, but you may not understand my point correctly, assuming you are a senior reporter, but first If I understand the matter correctly and answer it, I feel better.


Dharmendra Kanwari is a senior, but our love and affection you do not know that he is like my younger brother and I am like his elder brother. Now let me tell you that the thing was that a person had got a certificate of making 100 percent blind from the civil hospital of Bhiwani. Whereas he was not even 25 percent blind and was taking pension from social welfare department in the name of blindness as being disabled.

I had received all the documents about him, but needed evidence to prove his blindness. I got a call one day that the said alleged blind person is pretending to be blindness and today he is coming to Bhiwani’s court. So I collected my filming to see how blind it is, although today my hands are shivering, but to answer your question, I am writing this by placing a board on my stomach from 6:15.

I called my photographer and the man, who was telling himself to be 100 percent blind, was leaving the court and heading towards the small secretariat. At the same time grayling work was going on in the court there. The person had no stick in his hands and I photographed him without any stick when he was crossing the wall construction work without any hindrance.

The man said that brother “Because look at the photos, look bad, wrong work is done,” I said, brother, we are taking photographs of the construction work going on here, while the man also has someone to hang the wall. There was no stick etc. My news was confirmed and I came to the office.

You probably consider yourself a great journalist, so I do not want to comment on your question either, because I do not have the courage, I came to the office and completed that news and sent it to the desk. After some time, the reply from Dask came that the person against whom you are writing this news should also have a version. In those days, Sushil Kumar used to be the new task in charge of Bhiwani.

I said yes, I contacted the person, so instead of talking directly to me, he said that when I got into your house by ramming a wall. I sent the same thing to Dask. The drama that happened after that either Dharmendra Kanwari knows or I know. I got a call from my maternal uncle to stop that news and I disconnected his phone and switched off my mobile.

But Dharmendra Kanwari was getting repeated calls that two brothers removed this news. On this, Brother Saheb finally told me that dear Motu, you should stop this news today, there is a question of respect of my bureau chief, I told him that you will agree with the task incharge.

He said that he did not believe what I said, because at that time Yogeshwar Dutt Suyal Ji, the editor of Hisar, who I consider as the ideal of my journalism, was not agreeing. I called Sushil on Dharmendra’s suggestion that there is some catch in this news, so you stop today, I will write this news again as soon as I get the whole matter. When I said this much, the editor and the desk incharge stopped that news, and I never wrote that news again.

But now let me tell you that in 2001 there was an agreement between Prime Minister Vajpayee and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf in Agra, but that could not be done. I heard a poet’s poem at an annual event in Bahl’s BRCM in 2002.

He recited a poem in 2001 in Agra at Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, that “there was a rash of mud, the vomit overturned, burst, hear that a love story broke in Taj Nagar.” So now my No friendship with Kahoo, hate with Kahoo, you are right in your place, but if I am wrong then I have to hit 100 shoes, but I stopped the same news in my life for my younger brother Dharmendra Kanwari.

You may have been sensing with them that they take you back to Haribhoomi, but you do not know Hindi typing, so before questioning me, look inside yourself how capable you are. MORE knowledge

For this, if you have to argue, do so on my number, not in the group, but let me tell you that that blind man is still on my radar. You are older than me, so I took the time of about 2 hours to give you this answer, if I am wrong, Dharmendra Bhai Sahab can come forward. I do not have the courage ahead now.


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