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Indian rupee is not less than dollar in these countries

The history of Mudra or money is very old. But the Indian rupee is very weak against the dollar. Not only this, most countries in the world only run in dollars. Due to this, the aspirations of people who are very fond of traveling abroad are buried in their minds. But it is a mere misconception that Indian currency only operates in Nepal but it is not so. Read in hindi

There are many in the world where Indian rupee is not less than dollar. In other words, you can visit many beautiful countries of the world even on Indian currency. The currency of these countries is weaker than the rupee of India and can be easily moved there. These are some countries of the world where you do not have to loose your pockets more to go. Let’s know about the countries where Indian rupees can be visited.


It is a neighboring country of India, situated in the Himalayas. The official currency here is the Nepalese Rupee. But Indian currency also operates in this country. In Nepal, the Indian rupee is worth 1.60 paise. There are many sightseeing places including Pashupati Nath Temple in Kathmandu and Sita Temple in Janakpur.

shri lanka

This small country surrounded by sea is not an unknown country for India and Indians. The currency here is also a rupee. Here you will get 2.37 Sri Lankan rupees for one rupee. If you want to go to Sri Lanka then feel free to hesitate. Here Indian rupees can view beautiful beaches.


It is a very beautiful country. Indian rupee is also dominated here. Our one rupee in this country costs 353.80 Vietnamese dong there.


The capital here is Napeh. In this country you will get 63.63 riyals for one rupee. The Ankorwat temple here is in the list of world heritage. This temple is the temple of Lord Vishnu. Cambodia is known for its greenery.


One Indian rupee in this country is equivalent to 5.85 Zimbabwe Dollars. Living here is a little expensive, but eating and walking is very cheap.


What is food poisoning? If you want to know and understand then you must go to Mongolia. Indian karsa is also dominated here. The Indian rupee is in a strong position in Mongolia. Here you will get 37.60 Mongolian tugrik for one rupee.

Costa Rica

It is a Central American country. Indian rupee health is also good here. Our one rupee here is equivalent to 8.89 Costa Rica. Seeing the pristine beaches and colorful waters in Costa Rica is nothing short of a dream folk. Jurassic Park’s film suit was also done here.


You can also roam around this country with Indian rupee. Here our one rupee is worth 4.42 rupees. If you want to buy something, here you will get Rs 4.42 for one rupee. Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe.



The currency of this country is krona but the Indian rupee is heavy on krona. Here you will get 1.72 krona for one rupee. Not in winter, but you can enjoy it fiercely in summer.


This small country is known for its developed technology. If you are fond of eating and drinking, which must be chanted. That too with Indian rupees. The currency here is Japanese n.


This small country is a neighboring country of India. The currency here is Bhutani Negultram. Bhutan’s economy is mainly strong on tourism. If you want, you can also visit Bhutan on Indian Rupees.



There must be something going on in your mind about Pakistan too. In this neighboring country of India, our rupee also has a lot of influence. Here also you will get 1.63 Pakistani rupee for one rupee. News site


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