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Not only Hindus, Buddhists also worship people

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The Bodhi tree has been revered in the Peepal Bharati lifestyle since time immemorial. It is not only worshiped by Hindus but also by Buddhists.

Its glory, quality and utility mentioned in the Vedas also meet the scientific criterion. The ten trees are said to have divine powers and divine powers.

This tree, which is found in every part of the country, is worshiped everywhere by its own law and order.

Known by many names like Ashwattha, Peepal, Chalpatra, Gajasan, Bodhi Taru, Chaityavaksha, Yagnik, Nagabandhu, Peepal Arali, Devasadan etc.

This tree is also recognized in English as the name of Sacredfigtree.

It is clear from historical evidence that this tree was highly respected in the Mauryan period.

A peepal tree was planted in every village, town, town, and a high platform was made under it. His platform was known as Than.

Hence, people used to worship the deities at the place. Even today, this tradition continues in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar etc. People’s worship is popular as a folk faith.

The importance of peepal is also in Buddhist, Jain and Vaishna traditions.

Not only Hindus, Buddhists also worship people

If we look at the folk faith, worship of Peepal is prevalent as a folk faith in Buddhist, Jain and Vaishnava tradition.

Because at Bodh Gaya, Mahatma Buddha attained enlightenment under the Peepal on the banks of the Niranjana River near Uruvela.

People are considered Shani Dev residence

Not only this, Jyotishis and Pandit-priests are advised to give water to the people and worship on Saturday on the day of Saturn’s curvature. In the current environment, there is so much faith in it that cutting or burning it is considered a religious crime. According to the belief, it is used only to perform Havan.

Krishna has given importance in Gita

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Describing the importance of Peepal, Lord Shri Krishna has said in verse 24 of the tenth chapter of Gita-
‘Ashwattha Sarva Vrikshanam’.
Similarly according to the Atharva Veda, the Peepal tree is the place of residence of the Gods.

At some places, it has also been described as the universe, the world, the tree of knowledge. In ancient times the Aryans specially worshiped it for the destruction of their enemies.

Puranas have also acknowledged the importance of peepal

In the scriptures and the Puranas, this tree has been described as the goddess. It is evident that it is considered sacred and superior in all trees. That is why it has been revered by our sages.

Bharat Ratna is also of peepal leaf shape

It is popular in the public mind that where desires are fulfilled by its worship, this ghost also protects from obstacles and Saturn. Moreover, the highest award of the country given is Bharat Ratna (mark) also in the shape of peepal leaf.

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